Julie's leggings are well known as being very well made of bright and vibrant modern colours and are available in sizes from new born to 3 years. Typically Julie makes 4 leggings in each colour for each size before making a different colour. This ensures that there is a constantly fresh colour range. 

Looking after the Leggings

All the tees are pre-shrunk and are able to be machine washed and dried. It is recommended that as merino is wool it should not be exposed to washing powders and detergents that use an enzyme to remove stains. Good old fashion Sunlight soap is best for stain removal.


With Julie being only a small manufacturer the colours change frequently so before ordering on line it pays to enquire what colours are available in each size.


Leggings are priced from $25 for new born size to $32 for 3 year old size.